The cow is not only important to the farmer but the world we live in therefore the comport, care and health of them is the main priority for every farmer.

Dairy cows can eat up to 100 pounds of food per day in order to receive the nutrition they need.  Farmers follow a daily regiment for all their cows to make sure they are receiving the proper diet.  Components of this diet may include grass and alfalfa hay but may also include soybeans, corn and sorghum mixed with other grains.  Many farmers have a nutritionist on staff to make sure each cow is being given the appropriate diet plan.  Along with the proper diet, plenty of water is available as dairy cows can drink up to 50 gallons per day.

While the cows receive the appropriate diet to fit them with their needs, they are also resting in order to digest their food.  Cows spend up to 12 hours a day resting which is why proper bedding and cooling is important to make sure they are comfortable.  Bedding may include sawdust shavings, sand and even some barns are equipped with waterbed mattresses designed for cows.

The farmer is always making sure that the cows are in the best condition possible and when they are not up to their best then the proper medical care is not far away.  Many times Veterinarians are kept on staff or regular vet visits are made monthly, weekly and possibly daily.   If cows become sick, Veterinarians prescribe the proper medicine to treat the animals.  They are then closely monitored during the time of their medical treatment.